Below are a list of excellent sources of information in regards to MMTLP, each link provided below are not affiliated with and are independently operated.
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MMTLP Studios - Click Here (No Affiliation)
For those visitors active on Twitter please follow the following individuals, as they spend countless hours hosting live "space" calls as well as other major support for the benefit of everyone in this community.. If I'm missing anyone please let me know, its not intentional @LetItTrade:
@FreeCommercials - DrewDiligence (Space Calls) @MMATDUK - Marduk The Meta Guy (Space Calls) @joanofanarchy - JoRL (Space Calls) @GandalfWizz - Gandalf (News) @JunkSavvy - JunkSavvy (Space Calls) @BusyBrands - BusyBrands (Space Calls) @PaulusGreatus - PaulT (Space Calls) @onehundredmph - Onehundredmph (DD) @bleedblue18 - Kurtis (DD) @HollywoodHenry - Hollywood Henry (DD) @dmoneyquads - Huckleberry (DD) @MMATNEWS - Meta News (News) @FNez_Blogger - Frank Nez (Blogger) @johnbrda - John Brda (Ex-Ceo Torchlight & MMTLP Advocate) @krucialmix - Krucial Mix ( @mmtlpstudios - MMTLP Studios ( @LetItTrade - Karma ( website)