Full Interview (21 Minutes) 

John Brda former CEO of Torch Light Energy & former consultant to Next Bridge Hydrocarbons interviews with Let-It-Trade.com to speak on the beginning of MMTLP and walking us through to current day status. (Skip Around... Watch Specific Questions Below.)


Question 1

John, so for those out there who might be hearing about MMTIP for the first time, can you give us the reader's digest version of what MMTLP is and how it came to be?

Question 2

John, what do you believe is the main reason why MMTLP has been able to be even traded in the first place?

Question 3

To your knowledge John, since the U3-Halt in December 9th 2022, has any regulatory organization taken any action, went public, or has any acknowledgment of a potential problem been even investigated?

Question 4

On April 1st a document has surfaced brought to light by FOIA The Freedom of Information Act, can you speak on that and it's impact this could have in regards to MMTLP shareholders?

Question 5

John, you being so in-touch with the MIMTLP community over the past few months and the stories that have been shared; massive financial loss, corruption, loss of faith and transparency in the market... what do you believe is the solution to make things right for all parties involved?

Question 6

John, if regulatory organizations don't step up and make this right, releasing the blue sheets and allowing positions to close, how do you feel this might impact the overall market when this does get brought to light?

Question 7

John, if this interview was to fall into the eyes of an individual who had the capacity to stand up, do what's right, and making a change for the greater good, what would you say to this person?